Shadow of the Witch

Shadow of the Witch, the first book in the Shadow Wolves series, is out now.

Half human, half shifter. Homicide detective. Werewolf hunter. Meet Ava Winters in this captivating urban fantasy novel.

Meet Ava Winters. Half human, half shifter. Homicide detective. With a true passion for hunting werewolves at night, trying to make up for the one that got away: the one that killed her father and bit her mother.

When she gets assigned to investigate a mysterious killing spree, Ava is forced to confront her fear and hatred of werewolves by joining forces with the Shadow Wolves, the largest pack in the city.

Her new partner? Marcus, the enigmatic Alpha of the pack.
Does she trust him? No.
Does she need him? Yes.
Is she attracted to him? More than she wants to admit.

She needs to find the truth about her past. She needs to break her family’s curse.
And she needs to get her killer.

The fate of two species is in her hands.
No pressure.