Towers of Time


A special bookstore that sells second chances, through time travel

Story Collections

Nostalgia Riders

A special bookstore that sells chances to go back to any memory in the past. You can relieve it or take a different path.

This collection explores how a trip like that can go right.

And wrong.

A 10 story collection.

Restless Anchors

Anchors in time. We all have them. We all try to hook the most special moments in our lives to a memory and keep them there, fresh, forever.

How does a memory form? How do different participants choose to relieve it?

A 5 story collection.

Featured Stories

The Scent of Broken Things

Ava Andrews buys a gift and faces a tough decision. Will she choose her own happiness or give it to someone else?

An Open Ended Memory

What happens when a stowaway sneaks into the past and brings the bookstore’s existence to risk?


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  • I write about things that don’t exist. My stories

    are magical realism with a twist of time travel

    Hans Mann