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All three Enemies of Time novels (Stowaways, Strays, Shells) in a single omnibus.

New agents with murky pasts are recruited for a shadowy organization that controls and regulates time.

Major threats loom from a sinister scientist that experiments with time and a rogue prisoner with nothing to lose.

Multiple timelines, second chances, revenge and mind bending paradoxes in over 500 pages of time travel drama.

Also available now:

The Galvanist trilogy (Time’s Bane, The Jeweler’s Gift, Damaged Saviours) out now in a single box set.

Relieve the emotions of a broken hero summoned into a twisted and dangerous world.

Join his desperate search for his family.

A City of Bliss where everyone is perfectly happy. But at what price?
A family with special talents and terrible dramas.
One man who can travel between timelines and worlds.

The Galvanist Trilogy. Almost 500 pages of contemporary fantasy.

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I write about things that don’t exist. My stories

are magical realism with a twist of time travel

Hans Mann

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