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The Galvanist trilogy (Time’s Bane, The Jeweler’s Gift, Damaged Saviours) out now in a single box set.

Relieve the emotions of a broken hero summoned into a twisted and dangerous world.

Join his desperate search for his family.

A City of Bliss where everyone is perfectly happy. But at what price?
A family with special talents and terrible dramas.
One man who can travel between timelines and worlds.

The Galvanist Trilogy. Almost 500 pages of contemporary fantasy.

Enemies of time

What if time management was literal?

Carefully selected participants receive mysterious invitations to a time management seminar.

They get a chance to go back and change one moment from their past.

Find out what hangs in the balance.

The frequent trips of the Bureau agents have thinned the fabric of time.

A long forgotten prisoner uses this anomaly to escape.

Stakes are higher than ever before. The most dangerous enemy. Agents needing to coordinate in different timelines.

Richard strikes revenge through the heart of The Bureau. The ripples of his aggression threaten to destroy their entire world.

The manhunt for him is now personal.

Will the Bureau survive this trial? Will the new world the agents discover render them useless?

The Galvanist

Benjamin Benedict didn’t think his empty life could get better. He dared not believe in the strange alternate world that suddenly summoned him.

A perfect world in need of a savior.

A damaged hero.

An evil guild that preys on children.

After a long recovery in his “real” world, Benjamin Benedict travels back to the Park.

Desperate to save his daughter from a terrible fate, Benjamin embarks on a journey through the unknown land.

His only help? Dezaral the Jeweler and the special artifact she made for him.

Will he be able to save his little girl in time?

A hero in search of his family.

A murderous sister in search of redemption.

A tortured prisoner in search of answers.

Their paths will collide in “Damaged Saviours”, the spectacular conclusion to “The Galvanist” trilogy.

The Box Sets

Enemies of Time

The Galvanist

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  • I write about things that don’t exist. My stories

    are magical realism with a twist of time travel

    Hans Mann