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Listening Tools

Uncover critical insights that move your business forward

Harness the power of global conversations with Sprout’s powerful enterprise-ready social listening solution, built on intuitive workflows and proprietary AI-driven technology.

Take action where it matters most

Move at the speed of social

Capture pivotal data by creating and refining topic queries and sentiment quickly, whenever you need to with Sprout’s AI and automation.

Cut through the noise

Automatically sift through billions of data points to zero in on the trends, insights and key learnings you need to guide your future strategy—in seconds.

Answer the important questions with speed & scale


Robust data infrastructure

Sprout’s enterprise-ready platform scales the process of high-volume data ingestion with automation and AI-driven technology to deliver actionable learnings around your brand, competitors, industry and consumers.


Valuable intelligence

Gain business-critical learnings from thousands of unfiltered thoughts, opinions and feedback to enhance your current strategy and guide future action.


Audience discovery

Keep up with industry trends while identifying influencers and thought leaders to engage as brand advocates. Gather honest feedback to generate new product, service and content ideas.


Competitive edge

Own share of voice (SOV) and distinguish your brand. Discover how consumers feel about your competitors, identify industry gaps and leverage opportunities to differentiate your business.

Sample data from the performance tab of Sprout’s Competitive Listening Topic Summary, which scores your key metrics in comparison to your competitors.


Upgraded business strategy

Apply insights beyond social media. Deliver key strategic learnings across marketing, customer care, sales, product development and more using listening data.

Why Sprout for social listening

Harnessing the power of social conversations isn't easy. Sprout's powerful platform won't take months to garner the insights critical to moving your business forward. You'll get the data infrastructure and technology needed to automatically synthesize millions of messages in a sophisticated tool that keeps you agile enough to move at the speed of social. See how we deliver nimble topic creation, quick data population and AI systems to surface meaningful and actionable insights. Request your personalized demo.

Tools for every job

Tools for every job

What’s included: core features

  • Audience Analysis

    Examine audience preferences to enhance marketing strategy and inform business planning.

  • Customer Feedback

    Track conversations concerning your brand to illuminate consumer attitudes and gain visibility into customer experience.

  • Consumer Research

    Spotlight vital audience demographics, including age, gender, geographic location and device usage, to better understand and reach consumers.

  • Influencer Recognition

    Identify influencers and industry thought leaders based on following or post impact to cultivate brand advocates.

  • Sentiment Research

    Optimize positioning by exploring customer feelings and opinions on specific topics, products, competitors and more.

  • Campaign Analysis

    Capture audience reactions to marketing campaigns quickly and create succinct reports to measure success.

  • Competitor Comparison

    Identify industry gaps, track share of voice and understand consumer attitudes toward competitors to uncover business opportunities.

  • Trend Identification

    Track consumer behavior as it relates to specific topics to stay up to date with trends in your industry.

  • Crisis Management

    Get ahead of a crisis with custom alerts and granular sentiment analysis to stay prepared and keep a close eye on evolving conversations.

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Listening not only helps us better understand what the conversations are about our brand in the digital space, it lets us make sure we’re dominating share of voice in our industry in a relevant, impactful and positive way.”

Kara Wenman Digital Content Marketing Manager at James Hardie

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