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Engagement Tools

Build your brand by scaling engagement

Sprout’s engagement tools help you automate tasks to accelerate response times so you can connect with customers quickly and efficiently and build greater brand loyalty.

Remove engagement roadblocks

Overflowing inboxes and time-consuming manual tasks affect your team’s ability to deliver relationship-building experiences on social media. From community management to customer support, Sprout gives you the AI and automation tools you need to boost efficiency, speed up response times and customize responses.

Discover business-critical insights inside every conversation


Onboard with ease

Learn to leverage Sprout’s easy-to-use toolset with dedicated training and customer support. Get set up quickly and experience the benefits of intuitive tools immediately.


Take back control

Save time and stay a step ahead using automation features and customizable workflows. Monitor social activity and organize all incoming messages from a single location.


Increase team productivity

Foster effective teamwork with communication and collaboration tools. Route tickets, prevent redundancies, approve content and prioritize messages using automated processes tailored to your team.

Sprout Social Product Image of Engagement Tasks with LinkedIn Activity History


Cultivate loyal communities

Build relationships through community management and customized customer care. Easily access important audience data, profile information and context while you’re engaging from a variety of integrations to create memorable experiences.


Elevate business strategy

Proactively connect with audiences to inform future strategies across your org using an all-in-one platform. Publish content, analyze ROI and more using a fully integrated toolset.

Benefits for every role

Benefits for every role

What’s included: core features

  • Smart Inbox

    Unify all connected networks and profiles into a single stream to monitor incoming messages and provide quick responses.

  • Message Spike Alerts

    Get automatic notifications of increases in message volume to be alerted to crises, time-sensitive events or other urgent situations

  • Social CRM

    Access conversation histories and relevant contact details to provide personalized responses to incoming messages.

  • Bot Builder

    Automate customer conversations to resolve customer questions faster, resolve support issues and share information with Chatbots.

  • Message Tagging

    Customize replies with unlimited tags and bulk actions to easily access communications related to specific workflows, business objectives and marketing strategies.

  • Task Assignment

    Delegate messages to specific team members and measure users’ efficiency based on tasks assigned and completed.

  • Review Management

    Manage reviews across Facebook, Google My Business and TripAdvisor to strengthen your online reputation.

  • Team Reports

    Analyze how quickly users are responding to social messages across various time frames using presentation-ready reports.

  • Seamless Integrations

    Communicate with relevant information at your fingertips using CRM, helpdesk and commerce integrations.

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Uncover engagement opportunities

Use real-time brand monitoring and social listening tools to discover deeper insights and drive better strategy.

Learn more about Sprout’s Listening tools

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